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Hey, I bet it is still possible to make an invisible wall in modern tibia (in the past you just needed two parcels and stack some rubbish on them untill you made the parcels disappear). Right now I can only see it working with some furniture that you can't walk on, but you can't really put anything on most of these.

Any ideas? Or items I'm not aware of? Of course it has to work outside of the house.

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You will need a house to unwrap the things and push them out, because non-walkable objects since 2007 aren't allowed to be carried into your backpack, (back then only a pot was possible)

Then you will need a box any kind of box or a crate, you fill it with trash, then you place your non-walkable object on top of that 1 or 2 boxes filled with trash, then you browse field and you proceed to break the box, when it does all the trash will go on top of the non-walkable object, thats how you build your invisible wall.

The effort isn't worth because a single disintegrate rune will make your work disappear.