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I looked on a few fansites and directly on issavi but I haven't found santa anywhere there. He is not visiting this beautiful desert city or is he hiding somewhere and I missed it?

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Santa claus only visit the main cities, never seen him in Roshamuul or Issavi

Cities that he can be found:

  • Ab’dendriel
  • Ankrahmun
  • Darashia
  • Edron
  • Farmine
  • Gray island
  • Kazordoon
  • Liberty bay
  • Oramond
  • Port hope
  • Svargrond
  • Yalahar
  • Venore
  • Thais
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I understand main city as a city with the possibility of having citizenship and issavi is also subject to it, but apparently Cipsoft did not think about adding Santa to this city ^^
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Hello, sorry but what is your source?
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Well you can be citizen of Roshamuul too but you can’t find Santa Claus there…

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Santa_Claus
and walking in Issavi , but I stopped near the mountains too much sphinxes and goanas x.x