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Recently training weapons were added to the game. A few days ago a friend informed me about the equivalent of mana use on a training rod.

I have been searching everywhere and I cannot seem to find an answer.

If this is hard to understand what I mean is that you get skills by hitting a target. What is the equivalent of regular hits with a regular bow compared to a training bow?
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If I understood this correctly, you are looking for an equivalent of regular hits a training bow has. I've edited the question to better reflect this.

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In short: Exercise Weapons for mages means the magic training equivalent to drinking 600 Ultimate Mana Potions. The advance of one Magic Level for a mage costs the same number of weapons as a Distance Skill for a Paladin.

For specific numbers I recommend using this table I created to show the weapon efficiency: https://tibia.wikia.com/wiki/User%3AMolx/Exercise_Efficiency
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When u using any training weapon skill increases like mlvl.

So if u need to check how much u need charges for 1% distance u need to calculate how much mana u need for 1%.

Simple calculation:

U want to check how much charges u need at 105 dist for 1%.

1. Go http://tibia-stats.com/index.php?akcja=skillCalcMagic

magic level 105, 1% to go, desired magic lvl 106

check sorcerer or druid and great mana potions

U will get about 355101 mana, which u divide by 500(1 charge = ump)

So by that calculation u will have to u se +-710 charges per 1% at 105 dist.