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I heard about new thing "Theons" and I don't know what are they exactly. How can I get them and how I can use them? Is it character or account bound feature or is it something which can be sold or transfer to other players?
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Currently you cannot do anything with theons, in fact you can't even obtain them, since they are not in game, yet. Please, consider phrasing your question on the future tense.

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This is also a related TibiaQA question in which you obtain more detail- Where or how I will be able exchange my Theons for deco items?  

You can exchange your Theons for party items related to Tibia's 25th anniversary at NPC Theodora near the bridge to the Rain Castle in Thais (she's typically within the star in my map picture above)

You can check the amount of Theons you have by viewing your quest log under "25 years of Tibia" quest. Theons can be earned in numerous ways. I'll paste information from my source, how can I earn theons?

Theons is a collective points system (similar to Orcoberfestival or  A Pirat’s Tail Quest) which can be collected during Tibia’s 25th Anniversary - from 7th January 2022 until it’s February 2022. 

Theons can be collected in the past by:

  • Minibosses in the dungeon and boss Lord Retro- every 20 hrs per character / Minibosses sets of 50 Theons (can be few stacks), Lord Retro- 7k points - loot vary for Lord Retro +/-
  • Funfair with Dragon Hatchling - once per day per character- 100 Theons  (vary, depends on how lucky you are)
  • Birthday Buffet- every 24 hours per character- 25 Theons
  • By Scavenger Hunt with tourists every 20 hours.- 200 Theons
  • Killing monsters during raids in Svargrond, Liberty bay and Port hope- - 1 Theon per monster 
  • Killing monsters in the dungeon - 1 Theon per monster

The benefits of Theons are:

  • Opportunity to play with Gods! ( Stephan, Guido, Durin, Steve) by collecting Theons.
  • New Highscore Pantheon- By collecting Theons
  • Exchanging them for deco items.
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Hi, the Theons are points you get from participating in all the anniversary activities, you gather them from killing all the quest bosses and from the other events. In the future, you will be able to trade them for decorative items after the Pantibian Festival takes place. The amount of Theons you gather is also important to be able to take part in the Pantibian Festival, a meeting with the 4 creators of Tibia on a special server, sometime around May. This is a more specific and detailed paragraph extracted from the Featured anniversary Article in Tibia.com:

At some point in spring, the Pantibian Festival will take place. This is an opportunity to meet the four founders of Tibia, Stephan, Guido, Durin, and Steve – commonly known as the Gods – ingame and play Tibia with them. The Gods will spend 45 minutes on each of three special game worlds (one per region), which are only available during this event, to beat a fun obstacle course together with the players.

How are players selected to join the festival you ask? During the festivities for Tibia's 25th anniversary, players engaging in the variety of activities running from January 07 until February 08 may gain Theons. A new highscore, the Pantheon, will be available, listing players according to how many Theons they have accumulated. The top 50 of each location (EU, NA, SA) will be able to enter the Pantibian Festival. Should a tiebreaker be necessary, the account date will be the deciding factor, with older accounts being selected over younger ones. A character qualifies for the region on which they were present on January 07.