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Where/how or with which NPC can I exchange my Theon "points" accumulated during 25th Anniversary events?
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Question unflagged. It is a scheduled event and soon it will be a relevant question for the community.

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From my understanding and research its not possible right now to exchange the points until after the Pantibian Festival. I will update and edit when I get more information as the Tibia Anniversary just started

This answer is backed by my source, Tibia's 25th anniversary article

At some point in spring, the Pantibian Festival will take place. This is an opportunity to meet the four founders of Tibia, Stephan, Guido, Durin, and Steve – commonly known as the Gods – ingame and play Tibia with them. The Gods will spend 45 minutes on each of three special game worlds (one per region), which are only available during this event, to beat a fun obstacle course together with the players.

The final date for the event has yet to be chosen, but it will take place during a workday (i.e. Monday till Friday) in the evening (CET or CEST), and at the latest at the end of May. From around the time the Pantibian Festival takes place, both qualified and non-qualified players can also exchange their Theons for deco items which can be gained during the 25 years festivities