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What items can we get from the boss Morshabaal? Any new items added to his loot maybe?
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@flags- please dont hate me but i don't agree with the flags, if information is not yet in-game it's still suitable to post questions on tibiaqa as this boss is planning to eventually be in tibia. ex- just like the other tibia anniversary questions
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Thank you @shawtay and I am of the same opinion, otherwise I would not ask these questions.

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While we can't be sure of all items dropped by Morshabaal yet, at least we already know some items, like:

Morshabaal's brain, which can be sell at Yasir for 5kk

Morshabaal's mask, which can be used to get elemental magic level (all vocations)

Morshabaal's extract

Green Demon Helmet, Green Demon Armor  Green Demon Slippers and Green Demon Legs.

Watermelon tourmaline (pear)

Dragon figurine

Unicorn figurine

Ultimate pots (health, mana & spirit), platinum & crystal coin, bar of gold and giant emerald also are common drops

You can see here the last moments before Morshabaal falls in Gentebra

N.A.: Edited this with the new items obtained after Cip's announcement. Will edit again as soon as I know any new more drops

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Didn't add the thunder hammer since I haven't find any proof of that.

But edited right now with the new items already known. @daissy
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Sorry Im Noob- confirmation via discord is not efficient. I can write to you on discord that i looted from Morshabaal yellow rose- this will not mean it is truth.
Perhaps ask for screenshot with looted items notification, if you are in touch with the person. :)