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Do any know if Dread doll is one of the rarest fansite items? What's its price nowadays?

Thank you!
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I think it should be changed to either- "What's the price of the dread doll?" or "How many Dread Dolls exist in Tibia?"
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Thank you for your comments, I will adjust it.
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I agree with Shawtay. "How rare" doesn't make much sense. What's the rareness scale for rare items in Tibia? Hyper Rare, Super Rare, Mega Rare, Very Rare? What's the limit on each tier?

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I did some research on FunTibia's forum and news and I found the following players who have received a Dread Doll:

  1. Romano The Knight for being FunTibia's first head administrator.
  2. Geeviz for creating the item.
  3. Andarist for winning with the best joke of the Masters of Fun contest.
  4. Dark Elemental for winning the Best Comedy category in the Tibia Movie Awards 2011
  5. Star Nami for winning the Fantasy Contest 2012.
  6. Meerkat The Legend for winning the Make Our Party contest in 2014.
  7. Tirano Flamem for winning the Holyday Comic 2021
I also noted that over the years FunTibia has had at least 3 other Administrators besides Romano, all of which probably got a Doll as well. It's possible that they also gave dolls to other contributors over the years, so my guess is that there are between 10 and 15 Dolls out there.