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From version 8.4 to today that city has had many secrets, the most relevant thing I have seen with respect to the issue is the old passage in the mines to the right of the npc malech in kazordoon and north of the npc Nokmir in beregar , I haves tried multiples dialogues with the npcs of both cities, the closest thing was the poem of the npc lokur and the question to the NPC Drog:

Borbow Delix [227]: malech

16:34 Drog: Ohoh, I gotta go now. Just remembered that I have a rotworm in my oven.

the malech npc was added in version 9.8

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Drog is not responding to the word "Malech" but to "male". In this case, the context of his statement can only be understood by talking to Bolfona and him at the same time.

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On November 10, the mechanism for obtaining the "Unlikely Pathfinder" achievement was revealed. You can read more about it here:

How to get the achievement "Unlikely Pathfinder"? - TibiaQA

With this finding, we know how to travel quickly between Beregar and Kazordoon.

After getting the achievement, a new mission appears for us in the questlog. 

The mission is called "A forgotten passage." We can guess that completing it will make the whole questline complete. Until now, no one has yet revealed a spoiler on how to complete the entire quest. Therefore, we must wait, but the discovery of the forgotten passage is a milestone in solving the mystery of Beregar.

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I only think is four options by it this case (Like Troll Sabotage Quest):

1.- They wanna have some options open, to implement related content in future.

2.- They want to sting our curiosity and make us look for the unattainable.

3.- They started the development of the Quest with a idea, but don't have all the time to create it, so prefer make a cut on it.

4.- They are just trolling us.