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Are there any Tibia Anniversary events for players in Rookgaard? Any items or rewards we can obtain from the event? Is there any benefit from the event?

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We (Rookgaard players) will receive nothing, other than more XP and old rags (item):

January 7 - 10: Tibia Anniversary

• 15% more XP (not every hour of those 3 days*)

• Wolves, trolls and bears drop old rags

*When the sewing table is filled with 30 old rags by players on Mainland, the

Piñata Dragons will be spawning for 1h (on Mainland), and during this time

the XP is boosted by 15%. This can occur multiple times per day.

Old rags don't have any particular use on Rookgaard, but they're good for

collection. Drop chance around 5%.

January 10 - 17: x2 respawn rate



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Very sad :(