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Hello guys and girls,

A friend of mine has gotten the permanent title "Time Traveller" today. I havent seen anything beeing posted about how to get it yet beside that it came with the update. I have completed the full quest on multiple characters and do not have it. Is there any npc that we need to talk to?
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it is bugged, many people cant get it yet

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Skerio commented this about the title on Tibia forums:

The title can be gained when stepping through the portal in the Kilmaresh part of the dungeon leading to the Secret Library.

However I have some friends who didn't get the title at all, so I'd suspect it's slightly bugged as of now.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/forum/?action=thread&postid=39266433#post39266433

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Hello, can you paste the link or source thank you!
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Sure. I just edited my answer with the link. Thanks for pointing it out!
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Yes, I also don't have the title and I've killed lord retro many times and ran through portals so many times too.
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Same like me, i didn't get a tittle yet. I also did everything right.