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"The mechanism seems to be broken. You can't get back." My friend is trying to use Time Machine but cannot go back to Thais as it's giving him this message. How can he fix it to go back what does he need to do? This is during the Anniversary.
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I found out some items need to be gathered in the Oramond room and used in the time machine to Work. I got three different items so far, like valves and tubes, but I still need to gather more.

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You need 4 items to repair it:

  • Gear Wheel (loot from Memory of Glooth Golems)
  • Valve (pick from the floor near Memory of Glooth Golems)
  • Tube (Pick up from a chest near Memory of Glooth Golems)
  • Gauge (pick up from trash near Memory Glooth Golems)
Then use all four of them on the Time Machine at the entrance of the cave. You'll be able to use it to leave and to proceed with the quest.
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thank you, would help if you added pics to answer since i show people this question and they still don't know. ofc when you have time thank you!