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I'm trying to get track of all the features I can enjoy during the anniversary. I saw that some of the 10 mini-bosses are pretty hard even to high level, so I wanna know which bosses (from 1 to 10) is it possible for me to solo (EK level 100 skills 101/90 ml 90) and which I can do if I enter a team with low probability to die.

Thanks for the answer (also I'd appreciate some tutorials, video or text explaining the best strategy to kill each boss)

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Id say u can go to the 3 first minibosses

I would not recommend you any of them since in a strong hit can easy headshot you if your life isn't full

But you can try to get a low level ED and if he makes you Sio and you run it from side to side you can manage to kill it

But it can make up to 700 - 900 damage in random hits it makes.