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The Lucky Dragon minigame takes place in Thais, Carlin and Edron. All three cities have different placements for the best prize, the wind-up key. What's the best option if I want to maximise my chances to win a key?

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The chances in each city are the same- 4% of getting  the Wind- Up key. You cannot manipulate Dragon by moving around, exeta etc- it is very random.

In Thais- the Dragon must be on purple tile, where in Thais and Carlin this should be Yellow Tile (to recognise it- it will be only one tile of the same colour).

I saw many players are not entering the game if someone won the Key- for the believe that you cannot get 2 in a row.
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I got 2 keys in the same server and same lucky dragon (different chars) so far the best place to get the key is carlin :D
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Hi Lee Kun, Was it done using probability formula?  If it is- then yeah this will work only for Wind-up key as other prizes have more tiles which you will have add up around. And Im guessing this is "rounded" since once add up it goes to 100.6 %. I am also checking if there is an instance when the Dragon jumps 2 fields or across in his last "spasm" ( or at least sometimes my Dragon got spasm and jumps completely different direction where he is heading too)- as was not really observing it that much.  Well, I cannot really comment about this as I have not re-brushed my calculating probability tbh. so I trust this is correct. Yesterday I was trying to block dragon with parcel and I noticed he was moving Orange all over the board. He was moving the item though.
@ Raven- I also opted Carlin & Edron as you do not have to "fight" for your turn to get inside and also, got few keys already+ no wasted time:)
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I'm not sure how he got the numbers tbh. I just know he calculated the odds after each step. And yes, it's rounded so you don't get exactly 100% and to get the chances of other items you have to sum how many tiles you have of each one.