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Every bed in the game that isn't inside a house pops up with orange text explaining that you can't use it.

Scarlett's bed doesn't do this.
Tibia logic, means it has code behind it to do something else.

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It could very well be content not released yet, as cipsoft only just gave us galthen's adventure quest in the last update (which seems very tied to Scarlett) - and there is speculation that it has not been fully released yet either (artefact box/items and unknown uses etc).
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Your reasoning for this may not be correct, by the way. I don't think there's any accessible Canopy Bed anywhere that we could use to check if Canopy Beds also give the standard bed message. It's possible that this simply doesn't happen with them because they couldn't be found around the map outside of houses like other beds could when this message was added. In fact, I don't think these beds even existed at the time.
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this could be right

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It seems it is just a bug.

Following reasoning of Lee Kun in comments- when you go to Falcon Bastion you can find Canopy Bed which will also not give you a message - location-  https://tibiamaps.io/map#33357,31345,4:1 .
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I haven't marked this as best answer yet as I don't know of the bed you're talking about and need to go take a look myself to confirm.

I think your logic is good though, if there is another canopy bed in the game that behaves the same way (no orange text) then yes it would seem this is a dead-end.
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Marked as best answer.
I have checked the bed in falcon bastion and can confirm it behaves in the same way.

Seems cipsoft hasn't coded the orange text for canopy beds, rip.