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I am collecting Raven Herbs and notice I cannot use the same or multiple bushes more than once. What is the cooldown to collect the herbs? I want to use them for decoration so this is why I'm curious, thank you!

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This shrub appears only in the night cycle in Feyrist. When used you will receive a Raven Herb. You can obtain it from the bush during the Tibian night, and you can still obtain it after completing the quest. There are several spots where we can obtain the herb but only once per 20 hours.

This information can be found here: tibiastyle.com/2021/01/quest-items-feyrist-quests-dream-come.html

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I did A small test yesterday, 22:11
and today 11:25 AM  (even after server save) I still can't take a new one..

so its not based on cycle days.. this information of once per cycle looks wrong.
probably  you can use it

I ll update here when I finally get my second one!

20  hours later (a little bit more)

19:08 You pluck a tuft of raven herb.
an instant later
19:08 At the moment you can't pluck raven herb here.

Edit 2 --------------------------
21:50 At the moment you can't pluck raven herb here.

So I don't think there is this break thing, whenever you use it you take the herb and enters the 20 hours cooldown
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it's worth to add that you have obtain it also when completed quest :)
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It does take 20 hours to get a raven herb, I also verified this. @Ty- He did say in his answer "and you can after completed quest".. but I think your wiki link doesn't work and is not needed because they don't have 20 hour cooldown there?