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What country has the biggest proportion (%) of Tibia players? Compared to its total population, like "1 Tibia player to 2.000 people".

I know Brazil has the biggest absolute amount of players, but is it the biggest in proportion too? Because there are more than 212 million people there.

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Brazil - 212 million inhabitants: 43.3% ~9132 players

Poland - 37 million inhabitants: 20.8% ~4378 players

United States: 330 million inhabitants: 5.3% ~1113 players

Mexico: 129 million inhabitants: 4.2% ~ 881 players

graphic: guildstats.eu

The players that have the largest expressive participation are Brazil and Poland, followed by United States and Mexico. The country that has the highest proportion of players compared to the total population is Poland, as it is a country that has 37 million inhabitants and represents almost 21% of tibia players (4378 players). Brazil, in spite of having 43% (9132 players), when compared to its total population of 212 million is still smaller in relation to Poland.


graphic: World Bank


graphic: World Bank


graphic: World Bank

United States:

graphic: World Bank

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May I kindly ask you for source?
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Yes, of course... :) the tibia players graph is from guildstats.eu and the information on the number of inhabitants is from the World Bank. I added this information to improve the answer.