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To gain access to the Planestrider boss  lever room you need to collect 9 marble‎s, which are loot from the Planedwellers.  I would like to know if you need to drop these marbles or if you can borrow them or buy them from another player. Do these stones need to be one of each or can they be repeated? The types of marble are: Blue Marble, Blue Marble (Bright Green), Blue Marble (Glowing Red), Onyx Marble, Versicoloured Marble, Turqoise Marble, Golden Marble, Orange Marble and Psychedelic Marble.

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Quite recently I did this quest in team of 3 people. We looted one set, the second set my friend had from a previous char, the third set we didn't have at all, we just passed on the backpack with the marbles. I conclude that it is possible to pass these items on to each other, buy them etc.
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You can’t buy in market but you can buy from other players and yes you can borrow from player who already did the quest
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Thank you so much for the information <3