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For example: In "Mysterious Ornate Chest Quest" we have 6 missions to forge the "supreme cube". The shortcut is to complete only 2 missions and buy/borrow another player's "incomplete cube" to forge your own.

In what other quests is it possible to take a shortcut and skip missions?

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i know about: thieves guild (u need postman or kiss a pig for stealing theodore part), telas (you can buy most of the items).
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Thanks for sharing this information :)

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"Brave new world" quest occurs when you skip The beginning" quest on tutorial island (Rookgaard). I don't know about mainland quests.

Source: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EDF2rlktZTccoyEqdpOBqjzcHavAs4hpqhisxPslWi4/edit#heading=h.yrka9tniw6oz

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The Secret Library Quest:
Mission: The Lament

Killing The Lily of Night and The Diamond Blossom is not needed. you can enter their boss room, collect the chest and leave.

Passage from Wiki:

Note: Currently, you don't have to kill the bosses at all, but this may be a bug that will be fixed. You just have to pick up the Piece of Ebony from the room with The Diamond Blossom and the Skull (Quest) from the room with The Lily of Night, without killing them, which means you don't have to take the steps to make them vulnerable.