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For example, we can use the "small golden anchor" to take a shortcut around the deepling bosses. 

> What other items can be used as a shortcut, saving walking time?

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i have heard that the cube can tp you with 2h cd, also adventurer's stone.

 if we take into account portals itself that sacrifice items, sfaik, orichalcum pearl, teleport crystal, scale of corruption... but u must be at the portal so idk if those fit this answer.

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  •  Supreme Cube (teleport to Grey Island)
  •  Temple Teleport Scroll 
  • Adventurers stone 
  • Scale of Corruption Scale of Corruption (to enter WOTE) 
  •   Dragonfetish  (or mushroom... to quit draconia fast)
  • Small Golden AnchorSmall Golden Anchor -  to leave Deeplings fast
  • Teleport crystal 
  • Orichalcum pearls (to teleport between explorer society headquarters and few other places from POH)
  •  Scarab coins (to enter tombs any time i want)
  • Gems (to teleport to Fayrist)
  • Burial ShroudBurial Shroud - to access Port hope feaster of souls quest area
  • Bucket Filled with Chalk Blood & Water for Access to Falcon Bastion from Edron during Night
  • Pendulum Pendulum -To be able to enter one hidden room in the mines of Terrorsleeps
  • Blood Vial of Blood , OilVial of Oil,  The Holy Tible Holy Tible- to access POI
  •   The Spartial Warp Almanac- To Access Gaffir room in Cobra Bastion (you can teleport yourself from there by using Cube) 
  •  Heavy Old Tome - Access to the teleports in Temple North from Thais (report  them to NPC for permanent access) 
  •  Tome Of knowledge - Access to Zao, Farmine Teleports (report them to NPC for permanent access)
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" The Spartial Warp Almanac- To Access Gaffir room in Cobra Bastion (you can teleport yourself from there by using Cube) " this seems interesting where i could read about? or could u explain it a bit more?
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Once You kill Gaffir, you have to drop fresh corpse on the Fire Basin inside of the room as in "Sacrifice" and you have to step on the carpet where Price Tag is. Then when U Use The Spartial Warp Almanac, it will transport you to the room with "lost deliveries". Almac will be consumed in process of it.  In both rooms you can lost battle sign and teleport using scroll or Cube. It is safe option to get outside for low levels with rapid respawn ;-)