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Does the rainbow torch we received from NPC Theodora go out or is it permanent? Could someone tell me?

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The rainbow torch burns down in 15 minutes, however the burnt torch will return to its original state after 1 hour as mentioned by Mirade here.

If you let it burn down completely without switching it off, it will turn into a burnt down rainbow torch and can be lit again after 1 hour.

EDIT: With the update on June 7, 2022 the torch won't burn down when lit after requests and complains from the community, meaning it will remain lit until a player use it again to unlit it.

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Hello, you might want to update your answer as it appears this will change according to news ticker.
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It seems to be permanent, I believe to be a new source of light that does not end.
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Is there a cooldown? How does it work?
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Did some research on tibiawiki and it seems that it does consumes. however after an hour it recovers.


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