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> How many houses are there on the island?

> What is the rent?

> How many sqm are these houses?

> Do these houses have particular characteristics, such as furniture, lamps, etc?

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Marapur has three houses and one guild hall. You can check their details here:

  • Centre 1
    • Size: 85
    • Max. beds: 4
    • Rent: 600,000 per month
  • Centre 2
    • Size: 94
    • Max. beds: 4
    • Rent: 600,000 per month
  • Cliffside
    • Size: 160
    • Max. beds: 6
    • Rent: 600,000 per month
  • House of the Rising Moon (Guildhall)
    • Size: 266
    • Max. beds: 12
    • Rent: 1,000,000 per month
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Houses are private buildings that can be rented by players. They can be found anywhere in Tibia. Houses come in three forms: there are normal houses that are designed as resting places for single characters or for small groups of friends, shops in which players can build up a prospering business, and guildhalls in which whole guilds can find shelter!

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