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We already know Ice Flowers , which we can loot from ice elves, but with the summer update 2022 other types of these beautiful ice flowers will be introduced to the game:

  • Puny Ice Flower 
  • Pretty Ice Flower 
  • Beautiful Ice Flowers 
  • Marvelous Ice Flower 
How can I get these items? Is there a quest required? Are these objects that we can take to our backpack?

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These "lovely new ice flowers" are obtained by using an "icicle chisel"  on an "ice cube" during the "Within the Tides Quest"

> This mission is given by npc Vrisaki

> When using the item on the cube, it can give types of ice flowers:

1. Puny Ice Flower 

2. Pretty Ice Flower 

3. Beautiful Ice Flowers 

4. Marvelous Ice Flowers 

> The objective of the quest is to try to carve a "Marvelous Ice Flower"

> It is possible to keep the item in the backpack

> The ice flowers are a sign of resistance to the flames of the fire asuras

Source: Libosi Twitch