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Hello, I wonder what kind of flowers and herbs we can find around Tibia, which we might pick up from ground or something similar? I would love to know location aswell.
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Just to be sure, we're excluding the ones that you can loot or get from quests and only include flowers/herbs that are obtainable from the floor?
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Without quests but maybe with those which we can pick up without starting quest? As I know raven herb works like this or im wrong?

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Following flowers/herbs can be found on Tibia and picked up/pushed:

  • Sling HerbSling Herb
  • Goat GrassGoat Grass

Both can be found on Ronald McDonalds' farm in Thais.

  • Orange Star Orange Star
  • Moon Flower Moon Flower

You can find them next to Edron's depo. Moon Flower can be found practically everywhere on grass.

2 of them are a daily respawn in Venorean food shop.

  • God FlowersGod Flowers
  • Grave FlowerGrave Flower 
  • Flower BowlFlower Bowl
  • Red RoseRed Rose

Can be found for example in Carlin's graveyard.

You can also find following flower pots. Unfortunately, these cannot be picked up to your backpack, but can be pushed.

Queen Eloise's Castle, Carlin.

Various Venore or Rathleton shops.