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For the past few days I was trying to redecorate my house and wanted to give Store items a try and look how various furniture, such as plants, tables, chairs etc. fits with themselves and some normal items, but sadly I cannot try it out in-game and buying it is just a gamble since you can't refund them!

So I was wondering if there is any tool, similar to Outfiter, but for trying out Store products for houses on any supported/promoted fansite? If not, I think it would be a really nice feature and would save many people nerves and also help CipSoft earn more money! Decorator would be a nice name for it.


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You have a decorator tool in tibiopedia, they dont have store items but maybe it helps you:


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Well, it is kinda what I was looking for but it is also outdated and lack of store items is a big minus. Also there is no search bar so clicking and looking at all those sprites is tiring.