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When trying to do bosstiary there are bosses that are considerably more rewardable and require less participations/kills to unlock them completely, yet it seems that their difficulty isn't what sort them, so were useful to know what criteria is used to classify them, if possible include some examples of bosses per category.

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The Bosstiary system has three categories: Bane, Archfoe and Nemesis.

  • Bane bosses are bosses you can kill more than once within a period of 20 hours, for example, Black Knight, which has a regular respawn time.
  • Archfoes are, in short, lever or teleport bosses which you can only kill within a period of 20 to 48 hours, for example, the werecreatures in Edron, Oberon, etc.
  • Nemesis are bosses that don't fit within Bane and Archfoe rules, so bosses such as Ferumbras, the Abomination, etc.
So yeah, their category is set based on how often you can kill them, and not their difficulty.
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bosses as white pale, the welter, or caveman would then rely on nemesis category?
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yes, rare bosses are in the nemesis category
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