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as many know Mahatheb is one of the most difficult bosses to spawn in tibia, because of its low spawn probability, as it can appear a vampire, a bonebeast  or the boss but there have been cases where this boss has been killed 3 times in a day in some servers.

BUT, we know exactly the sqm where this boss can appear and considering that nowadays more than ever rare bosses are extremely valuable (because of the great amount of points they give in the bosstiary) it remains to ask ourselves, what other bosses can be spawned in this way and we know their precise location?

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There are 6 bosses that only spawn after "farming" for them in specific spawn points:

Mahatheb [precise spot]

Burster [precise spot]


Dreadful Disruptor [precise spot]

The Hungerer / The Manhunter / The Mean Masher
These are only available for farming during the Hive Outpost Mini World Change [approximate spot]

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I edited my answer to include Mahatheb :)
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You should consider adding Lizard Gate Guardian (credit to Danny below your answer) and also Yakchal.
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If you count Lizard Gate Guardian, which you can "force" once a week, why wouldn't you count the Dream Court bosses, Ferumbras' Mortal Shell or Phrodomo/Chikhaton (if daily event is active)? Not sure if there are others, but those are Nemesis and also "triggered" even if it's by a lever.
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You can spawn the Lizard Gate Guardian with 4 people during the children of the revolution quest. Even if you have already finished the quest, you can go back once a week by asking for "strike" to Chartan in Zao.

**You need a minimum of 4 players to enter this. However, there is no limit to how many people can enter at the same time.