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Hi, I have 300+ EK, my friend is 120 RP, where is the best place to boost his level? Any other ideas than Lava lurker and gazer spectre?
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werehyenas? you will make good xp/profit while the RP will follow hitting 1 by 1 (no diamond arrows at this level) and making decent xp as well. Should be safe for him if you use exeta res frequently and you take care at the open places with lots of werehyenas.

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Fenrock DLs seems to be the best choice :) They are painted with nice red color and say nice things like "FHHH" and some also throw free fire bombs!
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Lava lurkers is undoubtly the best respawn to boost a rp due spectres take almost 0 damage from physical, not even with imbuements is enoughly good exp/hr compared to lava lurkers.

Now, there are some other options pretty good where paladin perform pretty well:

-asura palace (bring death protection + thunderstorm + burst arrow, rp can tank 1-2 mobs but avoid staying close to ek).
-wyrms (bring energy/death protection + ava + burst arrow)
-werehyaenas (bring death/earth protection + ava + burst arrow)
-western plains raid (really risky, earth protection + thunder + burst, ek must avoid get trapped otherwise rp could get a hs)

the idea is to keep fighting 5mobs the most time possible, less than that  would reduce considerably the exp, more than that doesn't receive great part of the paladin damge (burst arrow) and rp have a great chance to be hs