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Hi guys,

I have seen a few reports here and there from diferent boss hunters, saying that after only a few minutes of finding a boss, it disapeared.

I always thought it was related to a certaing spawn timing countdown mechanic, but what happened yesterday in Belobra got me off and I think there might be another variable.

We have a group of over 10 boss hunters, who actively walk around checking every spot. One of the guys went to Zao and checked Fleabringer - the cave was empty. I went there like 15-20minutes after him and saw 3 insect swarms, but NO Fleabringer. Thought someone might have killed and left the insects, but just checked the kill statistics and it was not killed yesterday.

A few days ago, the same thing happened with The Big Bad One in Edron - only the war wolves were there and the boss was not killed either.

Discussing with a few friends, the common sense is that every boss has a specific countdown after its spawn, and its triggered as soon as someone gets close to it - you dont necessarily need to see the boss in your screen to start the countdown, but you can be one floor above or below (note that if you are 2 or more floors above or below, the boss freezes until someone gets closer).

This theory makes sense for the Fleabringer specially, since it spawns in a cave in Zao just one floor below a very busy path between Zao's flying carpet and Oberon. What does not make sense to me is the EXTREMELY short time window between its spawn and dissapearance - less than 20 minutes is absurd.

Would like to have your thoughts on the situation. Have you guys experienced anything similar?

Thanks for reading.
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i have read few comments about ppl saying that their bosses are lasting considerably low times, no time enough for them to gather their teammates and stuff, so the part that they could be lasting less than 20 minutes seems legit.

Now about this theory, it makes sense since every time you are close enough to an entity in tibia it start developing AI mechanics, how this work and what mean? the mob idle if it doesn't SENSE anyone close enough, once it sense ppl around it will start walking and casting spells (example, healing himself) otherwise it keep literally afk doing nothing, so that ppl keep walking above it will maintain it constantly active.

about the 20 minutes (i think is only 15m), for many bosses is decent time since if you are right and that times get freezed as long as is idling (which makes sense), many of those bosses appear in spawns that simply ppl doesn't pay a visit unless they were strictly looking for the boss (anyway i hope it get increased since the current  behaviour of players looking for bosses and bringing friends is starting to turn those "mechanics" an issue).

in the other hand, so far i have read not all bosses have this behaviour right? were interesting to know which bosses actually dissappear if someone trigger enough time its "mechanism"
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Hello, is this the same question that your asking or is it different? Just asking for clarification, happy boss hunting. https://www.tibiaqa.com/20262/how-long-do-rare-boss-monsters-e-g-midnight-panther-stay-spawned

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Discussing with a few friends, the common sense is that every boss has a specific countdown after its spawn, and its triggered as soon as someone gets close to it

That's now how it works. It's much simpler.

Every raid wave has an expiration time. This is often 4 hours (for bosses like Orshabaal and Ferumbras), but can be as low as 2 minutes (for some of the waves of the Orc invasion at Zao Steppe). The expiration time starts when the wave starts, and it doesn't matter if there are players near them or not. When its over, all of the creatures of that wave will disappear at the same time. 

It's hard to comment on specific cases you mentioned. But for example, depending on the hour of the day the Big Bad One was killed, it may have been after the Kill Statistics for that day was updated and that's why you didn't see it yet.