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It is not possible to know how much time is left to make the boss of the day of the arena (Alptramun / Izcandar / Maxxenius / Malofur / Plagueroot), as these bosses don't enter the cooldown list.

As the arena is daily, not knowing how much time is left can be frustrating.

> Is this a bug or is there really some special reason for this?

> Is there a prediction for them to be on the list?

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they simply aren't daily bosses but the daily mechanism is the arena itself, u can't kill the same but once-maybe twice per ss then unable to kill it again until a whole rotation have happened so that's also why they are nemesis and aren't listed, there's not any special reason but that they don't belong to the category itself and 5 bosses sharing cooldown could be considerably troublesome (specially the part that you can kill them close to ss).

the only way to actually make it worth it were creating a "drean courts arena" cooldown but i don't see this happening any soon since the feedback about bosses no archfoes (as raxias, arena, etc) with similar cd was forwarded and answered but i dont remember what they said at respect.
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CIP Stated the Boss Cooldown tracker only contains bosses that are classified in the Archfoe category with a few exceptions. The Dream Court bosses fall into the Nemesis category which is why they wouldn't be included.

Source: https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=6732