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Personal boards in other game are really funny and ppl have managed to explode all their creativity in there, life threads, rpg, global announcements, etc, sadly here on tibia there aren't public guild boards nor any other way to show up the whole creativity of players directly in the website (so players appeal to fansites or reddit but this isn't as enjoyable for everyone), that said, i want to know what motives are behind the lack of content in guild boards (for average player) so:

Are all players able to interact with guild boards?
if not, why?
There's any guild that still use such feature?
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Answered your question but didn't take the time to separate an answer to all of them cause they're quite redundant, they're all the same question asked in a different way. Please, consider fixing it so maybe you can get a more complete answer to the questions you're asking. The context of it gives no room for other interpretation but to give the same answer to all your questions.
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yeah, in this context it ends being too many questions, will consider updating it.


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Can a guild board be public?

A guild board, like its name implies, is a forum board exclusively for members of a guild. You have several cathegories on the forums that are already public and can be used the way you want them to be use. A guildboard isn't one of these, only members of the guild have access to it and can use it, if the leader created it. The moderation for Guild boards is in the hands of the leader of the guild  It can't be public either. So that being said guildless accounts are unable to see anything on the guildboards. I guess there's people with guilds that use guildboards, there's several ways to keep communication up with your guildmates, that's why maybe its not too common to find active guildboards and not so many ppl explores this feature nowadays.

There are several features for a guildboard that I fould interesting while investigating for this answer. For more info on guildboards go to Tibia Wiki - Guildboards.