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I have a long term plan to finish as many Bosstiary entries as possible so I'm keeping an eye on raids via Tibia Observer. Which areas are worth getting notifications for if I'm only interested in raids with bosses?

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Carlin for Willi Wasp

Edron for Orshabaal (notably Morshaabal and Feroxa don't work)

Hrodmir for Ghazbaran

Northern Darama for The Pale Count and Zomba (and The Mutated Pumpkin during its event, but only its first spawn right after each server save)

Roshamuul for Gaz'haragoth

Vandura for Ferumbras and Morgaroth (notably Devovorga doesn't work)

Zao for Cublarc the Plunderer, Chizzoron the Distorter, Grand Mother Foulscale, The Blightfather and Zulazza the Corruptor


The Abomination is missing on this list. Initial reports say it won't be notified neither, but I will wait for a first-party confirmation.

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Updated with confirmation for Morshabaal (pending bug report confirmation by CIP)
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Updated with an adjustment to The Mutated Pumpkin
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Updated with confirmation for Devovorga