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I know Tibia Observer hasn't been released yet while I'm typing this, but for the information that's public, what features are on the Tibia Observer? If you could please sum it up in a nice list this will be helpful :)

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Tibia Observer is an applications which will be a great help for the players to get updates regarding changes in Tibia. Applications will be sending notifications about:

-Raids, Events, News from CM's, Char Bazaar, Mini World Changes, Houses, Offline training, forum, Boosted creature

You will be able to also view updates/ status and information about your favourite characters: if they are online or train, if they collected daily reward, their stamina.

More reading:

1. imageear Tibians,


we are excited to present you a sneak peek at the Tibia Observer, a notification app that will support you in your Tibia activities without requiring you to log into the game or website.

Stay informed

The Tibia Observer provides you with notifications about various aspects of Tibia to keep you informed about things which matter to you. You can define which information you would like to receive to get tailor-made in-app and push notifications which cover the following topics:


  • Raids: Raid announcements from the Cyclopedia map can be shown through the app if you have unlocked the respective area. You can define specifically which areas you would like to be notified about.
  • Events: The app can remind you about the next double XP/skill, rapid respawn and double loot event, as well as world events. It can also tell you when a world event has been successfully completed on a game world.
  • News: Get notifications about the latest news and entries in the news ticker or the CM tracker.
  • Char Bazaarimage: If you have certain attributes in mind which your desired character needs to have, simply create a search and be informed once a fitting auction is created. You can select filters for game world and type, level, vocation and skill. Once you have found an interesting offer, the app will take you to the Tibia website where you can proceed to bid.
  • Mini World Changes: Do not miss out on mini world changes by defining which of them interest you and receiving a notification on server save about them.
  • Houses: Are you looking to buy a new home or simply want to stay informed about the world of real estate? Simply tell the Tibia Observer when your dream house is up for auction to not miss your chance to put in a bid.
  • Offline training: Optimise your offline training by staying notified about how long your characters have been training and how long they can still keep going.
  • Forum: Receive notifications immediately when somebody has responded in one of your threads to be able to reply in a timely manner. You can decide from which forum sections you would like to get messages.

Security is paramount

Being imagesafe while using the app was a crucial design aspect in the development of the Tibia Observer. No password or other sensitive data is needed and stored on your smartphone. Instead, the app is linked to your account via a token which is generated in the account management on the Tibia website. That is all which is needed to begin using the app. This link can also be revoked again at once through the account management.
Your account can only be connected to one installation of the Tibia Observer at a time. You can link up to three accounts to one such installation.

Also, we want to emphasise that Tibia Observer's purpose is to inform players about certain activities or events in Tibia through notifications on their mobile devices. It is explicitly not designed to allow the performing of ingame or website actions such as buying and selling items or bidding on auctions, for example.


imageear Tibians,image

we want to give you an update on the Tibia Observer, a notification app that will support you in your Tibia activities. As we mentioned in our sneak peek back in September, we conducted a closed beta with a handful of selected players who diligently tested the app and provided us with bug reports, valuable feedback and suggestions. In the Auditorium, we also received useful comments from other players which we read with great interest. A big shout out to our industrious closed beta testers and all players who dedicated time to help us with constructive feedback!

We used this helpful feedback to spice up some aspects of the Tibia Observer. We focused on feasible optimisations and improvements which we could develop and implement without delaying the open beta too much. The most noticeable change is the revamped dashboard which now provides useful and interesting info about your favourite chars which you can select via the app.


  • It shows whether those characters are currently online, and also whether they are online training at an exercise dummy.
  • It shows whether you already collected a character's daily reward, similar to the character selection upon login.
  • It shows when the stamina of a character is completely full.
  • You can also see the boosted creature there, and iconic buttons work as short cuts to the different sections of the app.

We also enriched in-app and push notifications when a raid starts by adding more info, e.g. the actual raid message that is sent in the game. In regards to the Char Bazaar, minimum bid and end date of an auction have been added to in-app and push notifications. 

The options to set up notifications for the status of a character's offline training pool have been revised so you can better tailor them to your needs. You can choose between four time thresholds for when your training time pool increases or decreases. Moreover, when setting up notifications for offline training, mini world changes, and houses, auto-naming suggestions will help to make this process faster.

1. https://www.tibia.com/news/?subtopic=newsarchive&id=6324

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Any notice about if they going to implement market in the future on the app?
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Market and Guild CHat would be cool features, any ideas if anything of that is planned?
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At the moment the answer is "no".
"Moreover, the app is designed as a notification app so we don't plan to allow the performing of ingame or website actions such as Market trading, bidding on auctions, or guild management, for example."

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Hello, there's a lot of thing in your answer that makes it longer to read I was hoping for just a list but I picked you as best answer anyways because it is detailed but some things are unrelated (for ex- Tibia Anniversary)