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Some of bosses displayed using Podium of Vigour have an animation, however, not all of them.

A good example of an animated podium is the boss Rise of Devovorga event - Anmothra.

Do you know any other animated bosses?
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I think it's a similar question. There's even an answer as to which bosses are animated. In short, if the outfit of a boss is animated while the boss is not moving, then its display on the podium will be animated :

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Thanks a lot! Indeed, such a rule best explains the topic.

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I already unlocked and saw animated podiums for: White PaleRotworm Queen and Alptramun (dreamcourts boss)

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So far I've seen/obtained:

Anmothra - Rise of Devovorga, Mini Devovorga world changes.
White Pale - rare in Edron/Darashia/Liberty Bay
Shlorg - rare in Edron
Rotworm Queen - rare in Edron/Darashia/Liberty Bay/Hellgate
Alptramun - The Dream Courts Quest
The Mutated Pumpkin - Halloween Event

I'll edit this answer when I find more.