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As we know Boss Zushuka has two incarnations. One of the incarnations is immortal and it looks like this:

The second version of the boss is mortal and looks exactly like this:

As you can see, the incarnations of the bosses differ in their appearance. Hence my question: which version of the boss is displayed on the podium of vigour?

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It's usually (or always?) the mortal form a boss that is displayed. This makes Goshnar's Megalomania look like a common Lich for example which is quite sad.

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So far I haven't seen any boss that is displayed in the podium differently from what's displayed in the Bosstiary, so knowing that Zushuka is displayed in the Bosstiary with the blue hair, I assume that would be case for the podium as well.

EDIT: It is confirmed that she's displayed with her blue hair. Thanks Pochwalona for sharing the screenshot!

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Thanks for your reply. It is very probable what you write so I will choose your answer. If you manage to get a podium with Zushuka then it is worth completing this answer.
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Absolutely, will do if I manage to find out more details.
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I completely agree with the Ricci's and Lee Kun's responses. The podium displays the mortal forms of bosses, so if they differ from the original appearance of the boss - we can be sure that the form we can defeat will be presented.

Below is an example of Goshnar's Megalomania, which in its final mortal form resembles the usual Lich:

Recently browsing Instagram, I also came across a screenshot of one of the players, where you can notice Zushuka's podium appearance. Credits go to @meowsiita:

In the screenshot, you can see a podium displaying Zushuka with blue hair, and as you know - this is her mortal form.