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With the new Summer Update new tools were implemented and the farm of bosses is something that will increase with the tool ''Charming Bosses).
Which ones are easy and what is the fast and efficient order to farm them?

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what's your focus? profitable bosses? quickest bosses? BIS bosses?

not all fastest bosses are worth, specially due many mini-bosses are really quick (grimvale quest+asuri, bk, kroazur, etc)
not all worth bosses are fast (more than 3 HOD daily bosses, more than 3 Grave danger bosses, other bosses from forgotten knowledge than tenebris or lloyd, other cults of tibia beside leiden)

the worthest one tho are: 3 grave, 3 hod, oberon, urma, scarlet, new bosses, faceless, brain stealer.
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The focus is to have kind of a path starting for example (Edron werewolf bosses, then Drume, Yselda ...etc). What is the best combination of easy bosses to finish the bestiary quickly. (Name of the Boss,Location)
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Can you please edit your question title to be more specific thank you!
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agreed, @shawtay. Question needs to be more specific. For example, you could split this question into one focusing on points and another on loot.

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The most efficient combination to complete bosstiary should at least include:

Kroazur (boss at feyrist final of threatened dreams quest can be killed each 2h)

Black knight (mini boss at venore can be killed each 3m part of black knight quest)

Curse Spread mission
 (5 mini bosses part of grimvale quest can be accessed through edron or cormaya  and connect themselves through a shortcut)

Ancient Feud mission ( 4 mini bosses also part of grimvale quest but these are in darashia accessed through a shortcut on lion rock)

of feathers and flowers mission (3 mini bosses part of within tides quest can be accessed after accomplishing the requirements at asura palace)

Being the most secure and quickest mini bosses for a low lvl player to do in a daily basis (14 bosses), specially due those don't require team, so they save a considerably ammount of time, should take around 30-45m to do all those bosses, plus kusuma and bibby could take up to 1h.

Kusuma is part of within tides quest, is at stardance mountain in marapur.

Bibby Bloodbath is part of warpath mini world change and have several locations where could appear.

Now, there are other bosses that could be doable in a regular basis, but require of other parameters to be taken into account:

  • Scarlet, drume, oberon, faceless bane (can solo them, but is considerably risky for a low lvl player, preferably a 2-3 members party is enough to deal with them)
  • Grave danger (require not only a full 5 player team, but a lot of coordination otherwise these take forever).
  • HoD regular bosses ( the first 3 anomaly+eradicator+outburst can be doable with a 5 members party with the minimun coordination, the other 2 require more skilful players and coordination otherwise are considerably time waster)
  • Bibby Bloodbath Require Mini World change, but easy progression, worth trying every day avaliable.
  • Other 5 members party with average knowledge of the mechanics: Leyden, Urmahlulu, forgotten knowledge temple (6 boss, tenebris and lloyd being the easiest), cults of tibia (6 bosses + leyden), feaster of souls bosses, brainstealer, ratmiral/tentugly, dream scar.
  • Timira/kusuma: these are easily doable, timira require a bit of knowledge and coordination and a 5 members team 300+, while kusuma can be soloed.

So, implying that you have a lvl 300-350 team (5 players) with average knowledge and coordination to do bosses in a daily basis the most recommended and quick bosses are:

HoD 3 bosses (15-20m): Eradicator+Outburst+Anomaly these are in "the otherworld" another dimension that could be accessed either by svargrond, darama or Zao.

Timira the many headed (6-8m top): Newest boss, is on marapur which require part of within tides quest to be accessed.

Lady Tenebris + Lloyd (15m): These are part of Forgotten knowledge quest which can be accessed through thais.

Leiden + Urmahlulu (15-20m): Leiden is part of cults of tibia quest is inside barkless caves in ab'dendriel.

 Urmahlulu is part of Kilmaresh quest is at green belt on issavi.

Oberon + Drume (20-25m): Oberon is part of Secret library quest, the final boss of The order of the falcon can be accessed through edron at night or through a shortcut at zao.

While Drume is part of Order of the lion quest which also can be accessed through edron. 

is wise to do oberon first then leave at any time of  tibian day through edron to reach drume faster.

Tentugly (5-8m): Is part of a pirate's tail quest is the boss on the way to rascaccon accessed through a shortcut on venore.

Grave danger 3 bosses (15m-20m): Earl Osam+ duke krule+ count vlarkorth are part of grave danger quest, Earl is accessed through Cormaya, Duke is below thais in ancient temple, while Count vlarkorth is at a mountain at north of edron.

Faceless Bane (5-6m): Is the boss of Buried Cathedral accessed through a portal in venore haunted house.

Scarlet Etzel ( 2-3 members max, 5-8m): is part of the grave danger quest, is the final boss of the order of the cobra can be accessed through a boat in ankrahmun.

For a total of 16 bosses in team in 2h +14 solo bosses + 2 extra bosses (kusuma, bibby) would be 32 bosses in 3h, other bosses could be added to the daily rotation but that depends on what the team is willing to do, after all 2h of team-bosses is something though and not always nor everyone is avaliable.

Extra, there are some rare bosses that have something similar to a "fixed respawn" is really worth to check these:

-Man in the cave: 1 single respawn at west mountain of svargrond +4 floor, when he is inside he must rope you if you step in the right spot. (quick single spot, 5-10m)
-Raxias: is part of shipwreck event, when you travel out of port hope through a shortcut there is a certain chance to land in its cave. (there's no way someone could steal it from you, 3-5m)
-Dream courts arena bosses: inside the arena deep below dream labyrinth, those bosses could be doable in a daily basis but since these rotate you will take some time to end them all. (you will be able to always fight one of those daily, takes up to 20m and require dream courts quest + a team)

Im not adding these bosses with the other since they are nemesis, are even more rewardable but there is bare to no chance that they could appear twice in a row, eitherway they present characteristic worth the try in a daily basis.

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Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for in my previous question, very helpful and nice description.