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> We observe in some houses that some bosses have animation, as for example: "The Fear Feaster" and others don't (Izcandar).

> How to know in advance if the boss has animation?

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Outfits in Tibia can have up to two animations: one idle and/or one moving. The idle animation is the one you see when the monster/player is not moving between sqms. If an outfit contains an idle animation and it is composed of a single sprite, then it would look completely still. The podium of vigour uses the idle animation, therefore, it will only show some sort of movement if the outfit used by the boss has an idle animation with more than 2 sprites.

This is the list of bosstiary bosses with such idle animations as of Aug 2022:

  • Ascending Ferumbras
  • Alptramun
  • Anmothra
  • Brain Head
  • Faceless Bane
  • Goshnar's Greed
  • Goshnar's Hatred
  • Goshnar's Spite
  • Heoni
  • Irgix the Flimsy
  • King Zelos
  • Lord of the Elements
  • Megasylvan Yselda
  • Realityquake
  • Rotworm Queen
  • Shlorg
  • Thaian
  • The Dread Maiden
  • The Fear Feaster
  • The Mutated Pumpkin
  • The Plasmother
  • The Source Of Corruption
  • The Time Guardian
  • Unaz the Mean
  • Vok the Freakish
  • White Pale
  • Willi Wasp
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I added to list Realityquake, and if i will know more i will add.
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Thanks, I don't know how that one slipped past my list. I have just double checked and it seems to be complete as of now :)
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With today's patch, Ascending Ferumbras joins this list (replacing the previously static Ferumbras Mortal Shell).
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The answer is simple. First, let's look at the animations below.


Hairman the Huge

Why is the podium with Alptramun animated and with Hairman the Huge not? There is a slight difference in these the two bosses. It turns out that some bosses/monsters have animation while they don't move. And those are the kind of bosses that will be animated on the podium of vigour. Bosses that have no animation while standing will not be animated on the podium.

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I received my first ever donvote. The person who gave it please explain why.
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I already killed a bunch of Shlorgs and to be honest I can't remember if the non-attackable version has an animation while standing. As of the Weakened Shlorg I'm 100% sure it doesn't have animation while standing.

The point is that podium displays Shlorg, not the weakened version and it has an animation. Now, I really can't remember if it moves while standing so I'll have to check that.

I'm not the one that downvoted though!

@edit: Shlorg indeed does move when in his non-attackable state, here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuJhlqK3-3k
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I'd like to add a little "hack" to know if a given boss will/won't have an animation on it's Podium:

If it is a cooldown boss, therefore if it appears on the "Boss Cooldown Window", his podium will be like shown in his cooldown timer. If you can see an animation on the Cooldown Window, then the Podium will also have the same animation. Just a little trick, so you don't have to check a list everytime. Only works on bosses shown on the cooldown list, tho, thats the downside :)