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How do I know which item I got from the boss bonus?

And if I have 150% boss bonus can I know if I loot 2 additional items or just 1?

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Usually the looted items appear in an alphabetical order.
The last item that doesn't match this pattern comes from the bonus loot.

There are certain items that always drops like some creature products, gold/platinum coins and something else. You can match these items to the "sets" of loot that make up basic and rare items (set 1 and set 2). This way it is going to be easier to assume if bonus loot worked

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I was also wondering how exactly this boss bonus works. Thank you for clarifying and clearing my doubts.
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My pleasure!
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You don't.

All lot just comes all together with the "(Boss Bonus)" message, even if the bonus was not triggered at all. There have been some discussions on the matter in the forums but it seems to be working as CipSoft intended.
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Im not sure if I understood that correctly but Boss Bonus doesnt show up when not triggered. Here's an example:

13:45 Loot of Mahrdis: a burning heart, 20 gold coins, a life ring.
14:11 Loot of Mahrdis: a burning heart, 56 gold coins, a life ring (Boss bonus).
14:20 Loot of Mahrdis: a burning heart, 31 gold coins, a life ring (Boss bonus).
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depends on the kind of boss, bosses with no cooperative loot only show boss bonus when is active, all the rest of bosses who have cooperative loot will always show boss bonus even if gave nothing.
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In your example, you only got one equipment piece and that was the bonus, It's when you get more than one equipment piece it's getting hard to know. But it's usually easy to see what piece is the bonus, previous comments explains it