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I know that 1500 points is the amount necessary to open the second boss slot. But how many points do I need to get to reach 100% equipment bonus?

I think that the current maximum is something like 182%, but it will be too hard to get to the maximum, so I will set my personal target to reach only 100%.

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To reach flat additional 100% (because boss on Mastery tier give additional 25% to flat value) you need reach 1250 bosspoints. You start from value 25% and until 50% of bonus every 10bosspoints  give you +1% so on 250bosspoints you reach first breakpoint 50%, from 50% to 100% of bonus every 20points give you +1% so to reach 100% need exactly 1250points. Each percent above 1250 requires 20+(x*5) points, i.e. 101% is 25p, 102% is 30p, 103% is 35p etc.