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Hello, currently my equipment loot bonus is at 102% with 1315/1340 points, we know that when a boss is boosted it reaches a maximum of 250%...

what is the maximum equipment loot bonus that can be achieved with the bosstiary?

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The maximum that can currently be achieved is 207%. It is possible to get a bonus of 182% from unlocking all bosses. This will increase as more bosses are added. The other 25% is if you have the boss as Mastery progress level and put it on your boss slot you get an additional 25% equipment loot bonus. Also, the boosted boss will eventually be increased past 250% if there are ever enough boss points to reach that bonus in game according to CIP.

"Completing boss entries to collect boss points pays off: The equipment loot bonus of the boss slot can be increased gradually up to 182% by accumulating points."

"With every server save, a randomly drawn boss of the Archfoe category will receive a temporary boost until next server save. During that time, slaying the selected Archfoe will count as three kills for your Bosstiary and the boss will also carry more equipment loot than usual. This boost will always be higher than the maximum equipment loot bonus which can be achieved through the Bosstiary."


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I guess worth to add you can maximise it by unlocking Mastery progress level of the boss,
"Mastery grants you an additional 25% equipment loot bonus when this boss is assigned to a boss slot." So currently the MAX would be 457% if taken all into account
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I updated to include the additional 25% from Mastery progress level I forgot which makes the max 197%. This bonus is not added to the daily boosted boss as it only takes the higher value of 250%.
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Oh, haven't seen the part that they cannot be combined all together. It only said that the daily boosted boss will be always higher than selected boss. So you are saying if Scarlet is boosted and I already had her on my Boost slot, this will be removed and I will not be able to assign it, or this will be IGNORED?:)
Also 25+182= 207 (?)
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Math is hard sometimes haha. I fixed it. That is why if the boosted boss is in your boss slot it gets removed for free at server save