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Which Bosstiary can be done alone daily?

I know there are bosses that we can kill without the help of an example team: Kroazur. What other bosses can I kill and perform solo bosstiary?

I don't know if it interferes when I say "all vocations" minimum level 300.

In my case I am ED 600+.

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Did you mean on the technical level meaning anyone can solo at x level or do you have a certain level/vocation in mind? If so, please edit thank you.
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I mean, a level 150 Knight can do some bosses (Like Kroazur, Weres and Isle of Evil ones) but a level 700 Paladin can do a lot more bosses than the Knight level 150.
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So did you want to know for all vocations level 300 or for a 600 ED? Your question title should be edited to include this information. For example, Which Bosstiary can be made solo for all vocations level 300+?

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Considering level 300+, with good equipment and skill, I leave here suggestions of the main bosses separated into two categories:

Category 1: Fast boss access, usually with few or no mobs in the way or with weak mobs in the way

Category 2: The path to the boss contains dangerous creatures and requires some gameplay to run to the boss

Category 1

1. Kusuma

2. Kroazur 

3. Yselda 

4. Scarlett 

5. Drume 

"Asura Palace Bosses" (Within the Tides Quest) 

6. The Flaming Orchid 

7. The Moonlight Aster 

8. The Winter Bloom 

"Were Bosses" (Grimvale Quest) 

9. Bloodback 

10. Darkfang 

11. Sharpclaw 

12. Shadowpelt 

13. Black Vixen 

"Pharaoh Bosses" (The Ancient Tombs Quest)

14. Ashmunrah 

15. Dipthrah

16. Mahrdis

17. Morguthis

18. Omruc

19. Rahemos

20. Thalas

21. Vashresamun

Category 2:

"Feaster of Souls Bosses" 

22. Irgix the Flimsy 

23. Unaz the Mean 

24. Vok the Freakish 

"Issavi Bosses" (Kilmaresh Quest)

25. Amenef The Burning 

26. Neferi The Spy

27. Sister Hetai

28. Bragrumol

29. Enusat The Onyx Wing

30. Mozradek

31. Xogixath

"Werelion Bosses" (Grimvale Quest) 

32. Yirkas Blue Scales

33. Katex Blood Tongue

34. Srezz Yellow Eyes

35. Utua Stone Sting

"Cobra Bastion Bosses" (The Order of the Cobra Quest) 

36. Custodian

37. Guard Captain Quaid

38. Gaffir

"Falcon Bastion Bosses" (The Secret Library Quest)

39. Grand Canon Dominus

40. Grand Chaplain Gaunder

41. Grand Commander Soeren  

42. Preceptor Lazare

43. Jailer

44. Dazed Leaf Golem

45. Thawing Dragon Lord

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Don't worry about adding all the images to the answer as you might run out of room (I'm almost certain) Great answer thank you for your research!
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Thank you so much Shawtay! Is there an image space limit per participant? If I delete these images from this answer will my limit increase?
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i recommend adding: raxias, black knight and bibby
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10 uploads per hour is the limit not sure if it matters if you delete them or not~