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Most of the boss loot atm is based on a participation level that once reached X amount of participation allows us to obtain loot, but in many or maybe all bosses this also sorts our chances to get important loot with a certain % increased by our participation since I think no one knows how works exactly (and also doesn't work equally for all bosses) measuring this by ourselves is a bit difficult so:

I want to know if there is any confirmation about if our loot chances triggered by boss prey/boosted is also affected by our participation level or does it comes with a "raw" chance.

For example, our participation level managed to give us a hypothetical 1% chance to loot a cobra item, but our teammate got a 2% + Scarlett Etzel is boosted so:

Boosted loot was 3% (+ half a chance to get a 1% extra) for me + 6% (+ chance of 2%) for my teammate, or on the other hand, we both will obtain an extra raw chance independent of our participation level?
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Well, that's just not my experience. It's hard to argue that since everyone only has their own experience and CipSoft doesn't want to be transparent with the Reward System. As for the Hat: I guess you meant from the raid. Yes, it's not only about damage dealt, damage taken and probably healing done also have an effect. Since Ferumbras nowadays dies in 1-2 seconds it's usually not a big factor, but it can be if two players deal very similar damage but one of them was lucky enough to get directly hit by Ferumbras and the other didn't.
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But please, do not mix up raid bosses and lever bosses. Raid bosses, especially those like Ferumbras and Gaz'haragoth, have multiple participation levels which are necessary for the unique loots. Quest bosses, in my experience, only have 2 levels which are basically "nothing" and "everything", though "nothing" usually means one or more items, like the Green Gem on Scarlett.
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that's why im looking for kind of a confirmation on this matter rather than what we know until know, personal experience tell me that im not unlucky on bosses, im simply being carried and ppl who carry me is looting the stuff that i can't due my lack of participation, there are ways to prove this, but that require ppl and team and stuff that i simply haven't.

in the other hand i could be wrong and they have been lucky while i have zero luck on these bosses, but RNG isn't so inconsistent imo.

either way, if what you say is true, the whole trouble were then whether we are or aren't eligible for looting valuable stuff, if we are doesn't matter who use the prey, we all should have the same chances, if we aren't eligible only the eligible one should use it, don't u think? that would mean a raw/base % extra.

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