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Guys, I'm thinking of starting in Tibia, but I have a doubt, which is the best class to start with, and to hunt?
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It depends, are you going to play alone or in a team? If you are going to play in a team, choose paladin or kngiht, but if you are going to play alone, druid or sorcerer are easier in the beginning.
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Whatever you choose, if you have a premium account, it is recommended that you use the offline trainers until you get to or close to skill 80 (knight or paladin) or magic level 60 (mage). This will help you a lot when leveling, since you will be able to kill monsters faster. Hope this helps.
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hello it depends if you want to play solo or in a solo group it's a paladin knight in a group druid and sorcerer depending on who can play what
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If you are starting in the bostiary, the nemeses are the ones that you can complete quickly according to their difficulty and easy access and you can make a group of 3 or more people to be able to find them, that is if you have patience and perseverance to be able to find them

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From my experience i can assure it all depends on the kind of server you are playing in and if you have money/tc to afford your gameplay, absolutely nothing else.

see simple facts:

Mages will ALWAYS thrive better than any other vocation since their aoe and consistent damage is a great point even in low lvls, something that a paladin can't obtain and a knight won't take approach of it up until great skills.

Paladin are the vocation that can afford the better their hunts, lets say if you were in a new server a paladin can simply hit lvl 100 without spending almost nothing and with lame skills (50-75) a mage in that case will need to resort to the usage of potions if u can't afford them from store/cask you are doomed, the best you can do were doing runes to afford tc, but in overall you are REALLY in bad spot.

Finally knights, this vocation at low lvl is simply lame, it require decent skill to hunt anywhere otherwise you are really below any other vocation in terms of exp/hr and profit/hr, if we talk about a new server this vocation can't afford their hunts properly until they have decent skills (65+) but is the easiest to play, even easier than paladin they have only 1 drawback and is that they only can kill 1-2 enemies at a time, while paladin must keep running with high chances to lure and mages MUST kill in aoe to obtain decent exp/hr.

With all that said, if we assume you are talking about a new server with no TC to afford your hunt, paladin have higher chances to thrive but you must learn how to hunt otherwise you will have a horrible performance and a knight were better for you, mages are out of discussion don't play them.

If we talk about an old server I assure you, as long as you hunt in imbuement hunts you will always have money so play a mage, it will thrive faster than any other vocation even if you hunt with target, then they become the vocation that do the most exp/hr in every place, just learn which places are okay to afford your really expensive hunt and there ends, you won't do huge profit in low lvl hunts, but you will hit lvl 100-150 faster than a paladin with 0 waste to profit then later you could start affording your own wands to increase your ml and better set instead of suffering to hit lvl 150 with lame profit, lame skills and really expensive aoe hunts.
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When starting Tibia, there is a beginner island called Dawnport. When on Dawnport you have the opportunity to try each vocation to get a grasp for what you would like to play. Druids and Sorcerers tend to require more in game gold to get started as they continuously use mana and need to have attack spells and/or runes to do more damage as you level. Paladins offer more damage with less money, and at lower levels you can hunt spawns that drop spears and other weapons you may need to hunt. Knights are a tankier class that at lower levels tend to use less supplies in hunts but have a limited range and will take continuous damage from a creature. Base what vocation you play off of what you find most comfortable in Dawnport as each vocation has pros and cons as you level up on mainland.
Thank you for your help
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I believe that Paladins are byfar the easiest vocation to begin with. Paladins can do almost anything that the other three vocations can do.
While playing paladin you'll build a basic undertanding towards the game and how hunting works.
you'll also learn how it feels to fight within range and close as Paladin.
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I would recommend paladin. You can play it as range or a bit as a tank so you can get the feeling of everything.
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On the starting island dawnport, you get to choose and test some of the strength of all 4 vocations. Knights have a higher life (15 hitpoints for each advanced level), they have a greater protection against physical damage than other vocations, therefore, it is more difficult for you to die playing with it. paladins have plenty of life too (they gain 10 hit points at each advanced level), but when using bow or crossbow they are exposed to damage from stronger creatures, in addition to needing to know how to use runes and magic in the area. Druids and Sorcerers have little life (they gain 5 at each advanced level, but gain a lot of mana 30 per advanced level), these 2 vocations can be a little more complex to play at the beginning, because they can die easier, they need a greater knowledge of how to use runes and position the character to attack with waves. My final suggestion is to test all the vocations in dawnport (the initial island), become a paladin or knight when you arrive in amin island, and get to know the mechanics of the game.