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I would like to ask for the best possible use case scenarios of wheel of destiny for EK lvl 200

There was similar topics on the forum however it was prior to the 13th of December 2022 wheel modifications made by Cipsoft

thank you
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Good question but it should be a separate one for each level range. I imagine that a "meta" wheel for a level 200 changes a lot when the same knight gets 400.
Would you like me to divide it to separate questions?
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Yes please! If you could edit this one to be level 200 then create additional questions for 300 and 400. :) So a total of 3 questions thanks.

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At level 200 you can spend 150 points in your skill wheel, this is my recommendation for solo hunts and bosses: 

At solo hunts I suppose that you don't kill 8 boxes that's why I recommend you to upgrade your Exori Gran and Exori Min. 
If you usually do Team Hunts try with this one for skill bonus: 

You should know that there is no perfect skill wheel, it depends a lot of what's best for your character and the situation. 
I use this link to try different skill wheels without changing mine in game:


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Hi and thank you for your proposal.
It's a good one, the solo option you proposed is exactly what I have used so far, it is just an exercise to see other points of view and potentially help others looking into the topic
how do you unlock the 2 bonuses from exori gran and min? i only get 1 :/
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With more points what mens, more level.