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Items such as blessed acorn and ferumbras amulet can restore mana or health to the player. Are there any other items which can do the same?

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Blueberry Cupcake -  Completely fills up your mana

Blessed Steak - Completely fills up your mana

Consecrated Beef - Restores 30% of the character's maximum mana when used

Strawberry Cupcake - Completely refill your health

 Rotworm Stew - Completely refill your health

Pot of Blackjack - It heals 5000 hp instantly

 Carrion Casserole - It restores 30% of the character's maximum health when used

Collar of Green Plasma - Increases your mana and hitpoints regeneration for 30 minutes by the rate of 2 HP and 8 MP per 6 seconds

Ring of Green Plasma - Increases your mana and hitpoints regeneration for 30 minutes by the rate of 1 HP and 4 MP per 6 seconds

Star ring - Faster regeneration. It's only wearable by players without a vocation, it's only useful on Rookgaard. It lasts for 10 minutes

Life ring - Gives 8 manapoints and 2 hitpoints every 6 seconds on top of your normal regeneration rate for the 20 minutes that it lasts

Ring of Healing - Increases the speed of hit points and mana points regeneration for 7.5 minutes at a rate of 24 mp and 6 hp per 6 seconds (4 MP/s and 1 HP/s)

Tiara of Power - Increases your mana and hitpoints regeneration for 60 minutes (1 hours) by the rate of 2 HP and 8 MP per 6 seconds

Terran Rainbow Shield - It speeds up your regeneration for 15 minutes (8 manapoints and 2 hitpoints every 6 seconds)

  Void boots -  Increases your mana and hitpoints regeneration for 60 minutes (1 hour) by the rate of 3 HP and 12 MP per 6 seconds

Pair of Soft Boots - Increase your mana and hitpoints regeneration for 240 minutes (4 hours) by the rate of 3 HP and 12 MP per 6 seconds (0.5 HP and 2 MP / s) 

Intense Healing Rune - Heals target better than Light Healing

Ultimate Healing Rune - Heals the target a large amount of HP. The amount changes with the magic level and level of the user

Source: TibiaWiki

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I was also going to mention Ferumbras' amulet :)
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Collar of Green Plasma
Void Boots
Tiara of Power
Terran Rainbow Shield
Star Ring
Ring of Green Plasma

Source: https://tibia.fandom.com/wiki/Regeneration?so=search
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There is also an acorn, called blessed acorn (level 80+) that you can use every 10 hours and it gives you from 167 to 233 mana and 435 to 565 hp, it can be obtained by using a watering can on a sentient oak (a tree found in feyrist and some parts of carlin) every 10 hours