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what is is minimum recommended level to start the new warzones?
In Secura they do a public new warzone everyday so there has to be a huge number of players so I want to know the minimum level to survive in each of the new warzones.

Also it would be nice if you give estimated level of when to start solo the tasks to get access.

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So I would deeply recommend you to do only these tasks:

  • Warzone 4 tasks:
    • Ordnance (lvl 100)
    • Measurements (lvl 100)
    • Uncharted territory (marking 3 points: lvl 100; marking 5 points: lvl 200)
  • Warzone 5 tasks:
    • Home improvement (lvl 130+ luring the lost exiles to the entrance)
    • Subterranean life (lvl 130+)
  • Warzone 6 tasks:
    • Pesticide (lvl 130+ do it on the tasks of the WZ 5)

*Explosive growth is pointless to do in any level in my opinion, if you are not doing it with other players.

To do the WZ in a huge time you don't realy need a super high level, but yes to be carefull, I would say minimum lvl 200-250, but you will be in danger if  you don't watch out the dangers:

  • Wz 4: The boss is normaly kept northwest of the room, all the team stays in the left part of the room, you need to be carefull about the lava explosions and the summons.
  • WZ 5: Normaly all the people suround the boss and the druids mas res every1, so the only thing you have to do here is not to place in front of the boss and to magic wall the volcanos in the north when they are about to explode
  • WZ 6: this could be the most dangerous boss, it hits realy hard, so dont stay in front of him never.
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I really like your detailed answer!
Your recommended level for tasks is great
but one thing to add, I go with a big team -as ED- and I can go to all the 3 bosses at level 130~ ,  the only thing that I'm afraid of is the monsters on the way to the bosses, so at a larger team mage with mana shield will have no problem at all. also, WZ 5 and 6 tasks are really hard on my level -130-
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I don't know how they are in huge teams, I have always done them with teams of 8 to 12 players, and low lvls (200~) have died sometimes, and survived many others, so it's a matter of bad/good luck not to get a big hit.
Good to know lvls 130 can do them in large teams.
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I join them almost daily, never died at the boss room, I just stand behind the team with magma set and I only get hit by fire waves. sometimes I use might ring and only 1 can last the whole boss actually.
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nice info! wish was that easy to do in low lvls with a team of 10 hehehe
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To start the new warzones tasks you need to be at least level 100 but to survive them solo you probably need to be lvl 150+