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I am starting to hunt with imbuements, and want to know my real profit/h, to see if it was a waste or not.

I am calculating my profit like this:

Loot per hour - Supplies per hour (Using the information from analyzer)

The problem is that I am not considering the imbuements. Is there an easy way to estimate the price of the imbuements per hour?

I am using: Intricate Void x2 Intricate Vampirism x2 and Intricate Strike x1

It seems to me that anything below 50k/h is a waste. I am assuming a cost of 10k/h per imbuement.

Can I say something like:

Basic (leech/critical) -> ?


Intricate (leech/critical) -> 10k/h

Intricate (elemental) -> 5k/h

Powerful ...

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To know it just take the total amount of the money you use on the imbuements and split in the totals hours of it by eg:

You waste 100K (Total) to get Intricate (elemental)

100K/20 Hours = 5K per Hour

You cant ask about a table or estimate because the price of servers are different and can change with the time. Also we dont know if you use or not Gold Tokens or if you get some o f you own creature products.

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Actually the price is not that different. My method of buying imbuements was by creating several buy offers, which was hard to track the prices at the end. But you gave me an idea of making the estimate using the gold token price, at least for (void/vampirism/critical). Assuming gold token to be in the range 33-38k, the cost of each imbuement will be 5-6k for basic and 9-10k for intricate.