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I have this problem:

I'll explain it with easy numbers.

The party analyzer says that I looted 1,000; I wasted 500; MY Balance= 500.

But when I sell all the items, literally all of them, I deposit like 800.

I have checked all the prices of all the items I looted, potions, etc, I configured everything with NPC value. But the party list always says that I have more loot.

I know party hunt is a calculator and it works, so is it my configuration?

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Probably it is indeed your configuration. The loot is valued according to the price set in your cyclopedia. So if, e.g., the price of the dreaded cleaver is set to 15k, selling on Alesar, but you sell it on Rashid, for 10k, you'll have less profit than estimated. The same applies to itens which value is set to market value but you sell on NPC's for a lower value.
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This might be helpful for you:

It takes different values for supplies and loot. For example of you loot HAM it is 4 gp but if you eat it its -16 gp.

By looting and eating HAM you create 12 gp waste.