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I saw that new update and those tournaments , but I dont really understand well how it works.
So , how this tournaments works? and what they really are?



Restricted Store



For those who enjoy a slower-paced, more demanding experience.

Here, the following Store products are not available: XP boosts, casks and kegs, exercise weapons and dummies, potions and runes, gold converters, blessings, temple teleports, Prey wildcards and permanent Prey slot, gold pouch, charm expansion, and hirelings.

For those who want to speed up and facilitate their progress.

Here, the Store offers the same products like every other game world.

 Ticket price: 500 Tibia Coins Ticket price: 10,000,000 gold
 Game Worlds: Endura, Endera, Endebra Game Worlds: Velocita, Velocera, Velocibra

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The key idea of "Tourrnaments Servers" is being temporal (time limited) servers, in order to encourage certain competative aspects.

For example, one competition can be on "who can gain the most levels/charm points and ect'"', in certain amount of time.

Every tournament also have its own modifiers (4x exp rate, 2x loot rate and ect').

 In order to participate, you need to pay certain fee:

  • 10kk gold for "regular" tourmanet server.
  • 500 Tibia Coin for "restricted"  tourmanent server.

In "restricted" tournament world type, you are not able to use the Tibia Store, unlike the regular one.

The Top X players in each servers get a certain reward, based on thier final position.

The rewards can be vary between Tibia Coins and Tournament Points.

In return, the Tournament Points can be spent on special mounts and outfits, that are not obtainable by other means.

 Some important points about tournaments you should know: 

  • Currently, in contrast to players opinion, in both type of worlds Tibia Coins will be tradable via market.
  • You are not able to create more than one character for each tournament world type.
  • The daily playtime for each tournament character is limited to 4 hours.
  • The starting state of tournament characters is currently level 20 with 20k gold. Regarding quests, some of them will be automatically completed from start and some not, and it will be open to adjustments. For example, tier 2 imbuments will be unlocked from start, as well as access to Roshammul.
  • The PVP settings will be vary from tournament to tournament too.
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You are right - this was the main complain.
In one hand they limited the playing hours to 4h/day, and on the other hand allow tibia coin trades.

Imagine how many people will farm gold and will sell for tibia coins. I don't think the entrance fee will cover for that.
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btw , can you complete your answer with all this info and anything you know about tournaments ?  so we can give people a nice data about this and I can select your answer as the best
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Edited with some additional information :)