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I looted a few items that I could interact with, I wonder if there is more from the summer update 2023 and if there are any known uses for it.

Pocket Sundial - (You can use it to open, and use it again when opened to see the time)

Moon Compass - (You can use this during night time to see which phase the moon is in, but idk what the purpose of this knowledge is yet)

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This is an exhaustive list of all items added on patch 13.20.13560 that can be taken and used:

  • restorative goo
  • the essence of Murcion
  • the essence of Ichgahal
  • the essence of Vemiath
  • the essence of Chagorz
  • ocarina
  • silver moon coin
  • silver foxmouse coin
  • golden sun coin
  • golden tiger coin
  • pocket sundial
  • moon compass
  • scarab ocarina
  • organic acid
  • unstable darklight matter
  • yellow darklight matter
  • darklight obsidian axe
  • lichen gobbler
  • wooden mouthpiece
  • conch shell horn
  • all sanguine weapons
  • closed pocket sundial
  • dewberries
  • moon-touched dewberries
  • dewberry palm leaf
  • cursed wood
  • darklight geode
  • toy ball
  • all the promotion scrolls
  • moonlight ipomea's stamen
  • empty essence flask
  • empty essence flask
  • spiritual horseshoe