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Asking about the Loot Highlight, Bosstiary Tracker, and Managed Container Extension!

This question is concise and effectively inquires about the new game features, seeking to understand their benefits to players. It covers the key aspects without unnecessary details.

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I tried to improve your question. Try to be more specific with updates because calling something "new" will be soon inadequate once a new update rolls out.

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Loot Highlight is a bright light that stays on the creature if it has dropped any loot. This serves as a visual reference to know which creatures you may have forgotten to take the loot. There is an option to disable this if you want.

Bosstiary Tracker is a way to create a personalized list of bosses that you are killed frequently and also know which ones are available to be faced again.

Managed Container Extension is a setting for Npc Merchants or Stash. With this for example you can buy portions and runnas from an Npc and they will go to a specific backpack of your choice. For Stash, the redemption of items would also go to the places that were predetermined.